Your Reliable Source for High Quality Footwear

Your Reliable Source for High Quality Footwear

Who we are?

We are Footwear Sourcing Agents based in Macedonia, Europe. Our footwear sourcing company works with Macedonian manufacturers that produce shoes for many high fashion brands in Italy, Germany, UK, Spain, Sweden and other. The team behind "Footwear Producers" consists of footwear technicians and leather experts with 30+ years of experience in footwear manufacturing.

What we do?

As footwear sourcing agents we do all the work for you, from product development, costing, material sourcing, leather inspection, quality assurance & control, order procurement, in-line inspection to packing and shipping. We produce your shoes only at our reliable and well proven partners where we know the product will be exactly as you want it to be regarding quality and efficiency. Having the right person to manage the whole production process for you is the key to success when you've decided to outsource your shoe production. We honestly wish to serve you well, because we feel proud of our work, and we know that without superior service we can’t rely on our customers’ loyalty.

What we can offer to your business:

Experienced team working side by side with quality proven manufacturers in women/men/kid footwear.
Samples development, innovation concepts.
Negotiate prices and payment conditions in your best interest.
Tracking orders from manufacturing to shipping.

What Our Clients Are Usually Interested In?

High quality men's shoes manufacturers.
High fashion men/women shoes, boots and sandals made of Italian leather.
Sheepskin shoes, boots and home slippers.
Waterproof winter shoes and boots (casual and terrain).
Assembling of footwear components and parts. 

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Our Philosophy

Beautiful journeys start with shoes
designed and made with passion,
finished with love and care.