The Process of Shoe Development and Production

Handcrafted Quality Shoes

Your project makes the first steps when your ideas meet our know-how. We interpret what you want to achieve and make it happen by creating the form, modelling, selecting the materials, crafting the sample and materializing your handcrafted quality shoes made in Macedonia.

Concept, Design, Range Building

After analysing the project, as a general rule we make comments and suggest the most appropriate options to make the project feasible in production terms, avoiding problems later down the line.
This is where our expertise comes in, allied with our network of suppliers in finding materials such as leathers, textiles, components and soles. 

Sample Development

There is a dynamic between the first prototype and the sales sample that involves a process of revisions, corrections and material sourcing until your vision is achieved.

Our development team will help transfer your designs and requirements into prototypes and real sample products, ready to be manufactured in bulk orders. Samples can also be used to show retail buyers, exhibit them at trade shows or on your website & social media for pre-order.


After making the prototype for you to review, we make the samples. Sample development process consists of creating tech packs, selection of lasts and soles, as well as material selection.


We offer order tracking and production monitoring with an active presence on the ground. We oversee delivery dates, taking care that the manufacturer meets them. We monitor production, from raw materials to end product, giving advice and suggestions. Quality control is ongoing, focusing on ensuring that the product matches the confirmation sample.


We deal with the logistics of goods dispatch as well as all the export paperwork.
Our transport agents and forwarders can organize the shipment to be transported via land, sea or air.






Our Philosophy

Beautiful journeys start with shoes
designed and made with passion,
finished with love and care.