Macedonian Footwear Industry and Benefits

Macedonian Footwear Industry and Benefits

Long Tradition in Footwear Manufacturing

Footwear manufacturing has its own tradition here in Macedonia. As part of Former Yugoslavia, the factories in the North-East region of Macedonia were main footwear producers for 23.000.000 people market. Nearly 10.000.000 pairs of shoes per year were manufactured in Macedonian footwear factories. That's how this region has become a synonym for high quality shoes since 1945.

These companies generated shoe production experts which are now our trusted partners and reliable source of quality for us and our clients. They have decades of experience and have long worked to improve their quality, creativeness, professionalism and reaching higher standards in footwear manufacturing. Today Macedonian factories produce footwear for famous fashion brands from all over the world.


Strategic location between USA, EU and ASIA markets. Macedonia is situated in South-East Europe which makes it a central point connecting the east and the west. Orders arrive in about 4 days within European Union.

Competitive Human Capital

The Macedonian footwear industry has leather experts, experienced footwear production managers, designers and skillful workers.

Manufacturing Costs

A very acceptable price for manufacturing in Macedonia is something that we can achieve for you. Compared to leading footwear manufacturers in Europe, we can deliver the same quality workmanship and materials for lower costs. "Footwear Producers" will negotiate prices and conditions in your interest and make sure your production in Macedonia delivers positive experience for you.

Proven Quality

Most of the footwear production in Macedonia is made for export in Europe, USA and Australia. We use carefully selected leather and footwear components made in Italy. The Italian leather combined with our shoe making experience gives you a premium footwear product that your clients will love to have on their feet.







Our Philosophy

Beautiful journeys start with shoes
designed and made with passion,
finished with love and care.