Sheepskin Shoes, Slippers & UGG Boots Factory Europe

We have high standards in selection of raw sheepskin material that we use for our sheepskin and wool footwear manufacturing. The sheepskin material that we import from Australia and the UK is processed locally by a specialized sheepskin tannery with over 70 years of presence in the industry. The processing of the raw material is in accordance with the EU regulations so our products would meet highest grades and regulated chemical balance. 

Being able to control the entire process ensures we can check the quality at every step. This means you can be comfortable purchasing, knowing every skin has been thoroughly examined and approved for production of your sheepskin shoes. 

Our products are being exported to markets in Sweden, Germany, USA and Japan. We produce sheepskin slippers, sheepskin boots (UGG Boots), sheepskin sneakers, leather footwear with sheepskin lining or wool lining, sheepskin rugs, etc. 

If you have a plan for your sheepskin footwear range, tech packs or samples you would like to be made, please contact us to discuss the details. 


Our Philosophy

Beautiful journeys start with shoes
designed and made with passion,
finished with love and care.