Soles Development and Manufacturing

The team behind “Footwear Producers” consists of soles developers and manufacturers in Italy. Our network of soles manufacturers have long and rich experience in the footwear industry.

With the cutting-edge machinery of our manufacturers, we are able to develop and manufacture the most suitable sole for the footwear that the customer wants to develop. Thanks to their technical and technological know-how, they are well recognized and appreciated in Europe and all over the world. 

Constructed and injected soles can be produced using a wide range of materials: rubber, leather, thunit, microlite or plastic injection materials, such as TR, Ultra-Light TR, PVC, TPU, EVA, XL, etc. 

If you have a design or a physical sample you would like to be developed or modified, please contact us to discuss the details.


Our Philosophy

Beautiful journeys start with shoes
designed and made with passion,
finished with love and care.