Sustainable Footwear Manufacturers

The market for vegan and sustainable shoes made out of recycled materials has experienced rapid growth in recent years. Companies and consumers are fast becoming open to leather alternatives and with the rise of environmental and social  concerns, as well as animal welfare. 

Vegan/sustainable fashion is more than just a trend and retailers are increasingly scaling up their selections of animal cruelty-free footwear to meet the demand. Since footwear made of purely vegan or eco-friendly materials is now in great demand, more and more manufacturers are becoming aware of this new trend. 

Currently, there is a whole range of high-quality substitutes which are comparable to conventional materials and have similar, if not better properties. 

With our services you will have a wide range of vegan leather options and recycled materials for shoe production to choose from. Different textures and color pallets. The vegan shoes we produce are made with vegan leather made in Italy. So be assure that quality and regulated standards will meet your product.

If you have a plan for your vegan footwear range, tech packs or samples you would like to be made, please contact us to discuss the details. 




DESSERTO - Vegan cactus alternative to leather from Mexico. Highly sustainable plant based material as an alternative to leather made from cactus, often distinguished by its great softness at touch while offering a great performance for a wide variety of applications. Their aim is to offer cruelty free, sustainable alternatives, without any toxic chemicals, phthalates and PVC. The cactus material is partially biodegradable.

BAMBOO LEATHER - They are innovating carbon negative materials from plants while replacing leather and plastic for good. Products produced from this material are completely compostable at the end of their lifecycle. The bamboo leather feels very soft to touch. 

Everything they do meets a combination of these criteria:

  • Vegan and cruelty-free (100%)
  • Low carbon
  • Non-toxic
  • Ethically made
  • Minimum waste
  • Recycled or upcycled
  • Giving back
  • Designed to last

Piñatex® - a natural, sustainably-sourced, cruelty free material. Sustainable alternative to both mass-produced leather and polluting synthetic materials. Piñatex is made from the leaves of the pineapple plant, the byproduct of the fruit industry. It is a sustainably sourced material made from a natural waste product, creating low water use and low production waste, containing no harmful chemicals or animal products.

ZOA™ - collection of sustainable materials for a new age. Designed in Modern Meadow’s lab, ZOA integrates a range of unique biofabrication technologies to deliver enhanced material performance and sustainability.

Malai - Vegan and compostable coconut leather materials. A newly developed biocomposite material made from entirely organic and sustainable bacterial cellulose, grown on agricultural waste sourced from the coconut industry in Southern India. 

N°PELLE® - collection of eco-friendly synthetic leather developed by Foremost group, in view of green issues. 

VEGEA - in collaboration with Italian wineries they have developed a process for the valorization of wine waste: grape marc, that is composed by grape skins, stalks and seeds discarded during wine production. 


MIRUM® - plant-based material that is perfect for footwear, fashion, automotive, accessories, and upholstery — 100% plastic-free. It is a sustainable solution for designers and brands looking to shrink their footprint and expand their creative palettes. MIRUM® is both 100% recyclable and 100% circular in nature. It does not contain any petrochemicals or plastics.








 VEPASOL - really great soles manufacturer based in Portugal. They have a wide range of soles made of: biodegradable materials, TPU bio based, EVA green, EVA with recycled EVA particles, EVA with 15% recycled EVA, EVA with used tires, Rice shell, VP natural.

ALOFT - their 'solestainable' technology offers environmentally sustainable solutions. They have a range of eco-friendly soles that are produced using recycled wasted raw materials. 

REMISOL - their EcoTPU soles are made of 60% renewable plant origin materials with the same features as standard TPU. EcoTPU leaves no imprint on the Earth. Their products comply with all European Union restrictions regarding forbidden chemical products.

LACTAE HEVEA® - these eco-friendly natural soles are the result of the refinement of an entirely natural product, the hevea milk harvested at the heart of tropical plantations which are regularly maintained and constantly renewed.


I.S.I. soles - they incorporate 95% of the remaining residues of the sole injection process into the productive cycle. They also incorporate the residue of other industries into their productive process. Beside using recycled materials from other industries, they reuse cork shavings from the cork stopper industry, along with husk and rubber.


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